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Come let’s replace tribalism and nepotism With patriotism and nationalism

Aim and Objective

National Unity and Peace Corps (NUPEC) is an essential non security service outfit that uses non- violent strategies to solve societal problems.

  • To nurture up a new generation of Nigerians will be accommodating, tolerating and pacific towards religious, political and social issues.
  • To present to our up and coming (Nigerian children) generations the nation as an indivisible and indissoluble entity.
  • To highlight the need for peaceful co -existence among Nigerians irrespective of tribe, tongue or religion.



NUPEC has over 40,000 trained and capable members nationwide qualify to handle security 



NUPEC has offices in all the states of the federation


Case Resolved

National unity and peace corps has resolved and response to 22,000+ security and conflict from inception

We have the strategy to fulfill Nigeria Unity
Our Vision

Quest for Nigeria’s unity and peaceful co-existence through active involvement and re-orientation of toddlers, the children and the young and by appealing to the conscience of fellow countrymen and women using non- violent strategies.

The National Unity and Peace Corps (NUPEC) is a prominent organization founded in 1992 by Prof. Humphry Ogoegbunam, committed to fostering national unity, peace, and security in Nigeria. With a strong focus on mediation, conflict resolution, and crisis mitigation, NUPEC has played a vital role in resolving communal crises and tribal wars. Under the visionary leadership of Stanislus Chinedu Nneji, NUPEC has experienced remarkable growth and expansion, providing support services to law enforcement agencies and deploying well-trained personnel to combat cybercrime and protect lives and properties. Emphasizing collaboration and international engagement, NUPEC aspires to contribute to global peacekeeping efforts and promote a safe, secure, and harmonious society both within Nigeria and beyond.

We work to ensure Nigeria Unity over individual's religious and ethnic inclinations
Our Mission
We Promote Unity

To give practical and enduring meaning and substance to CITIZENSHIP such that Nigerians whether they live in the North or South can no longer face recurring holocaust or discrimination on account of their religious inclination or ethnic background.

let’s come together as a family
Our Beliefs
We are one family

Nigerians are tied by advanced human affinity as members of one family. Therefore, we sincerely believe that as one family destined to live together, we must tolerate one another, be a Nigerian first and be at home wherever we are in Nigeria.

Our Labour as a nation shall never be in vain
Our Motto
Our Hope

The motto of National Unity and Peace Corps (NUPEC) shall be ‘’THE LABOUR OF OUR HEROES PAST SHALL NOT BE IN VAIN’’.


National Unity and Peace Corps (NUPEC) organizational framework shall be such that enables officers to deal co-operatively with matters at Federal and State levels.

The corps organizational structure shall be on three tier levels, Federal, State and Local Governments

  • Commandant-General  
  • Deputy Commandant-General
  • Assistant Commandant-Generals
  • Commandant of NUPEC
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No country in the World can ever develop her potential without tacit presumption of peace and unity.

Today in Nigeria, our soul cry has been peace and unity.
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